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Health Insurance

Term Life

The affordability of term insurance makes it a great early solution for young families with children at home. It is also great for other short-term needs, including mortgage and other loan protection, and business planning.

Whole Life

Whole life provides a level, guaranteed premium with a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash value accumulations. The cash value that accumulates can be borrowed from the contract if needed.

Universal Life

One of the most popular life insurance products due to the flexibility they offer. Premiums can be increased or decreased – even eliminated for a time. Face amounts can be reduced or increased, all without changing to a different policy.


Annuities are an excellent vehicle for accumulating assets. Interest earned within an annuity is 100% tax deferred. Some annuities can even provide a stream of guaranteed lifetime income – income that can never be outlived.

Final Expense

Final expense policies provide cash to cover financial obligations due at the time of death. Typically, no exam or blood work is required. These products generally provide a graded benefit during the first few years.


The purpose of disability insurance is to replace the lost income should you become disabled and unable to work.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care can mean many different things, but any chronic or disabling condition that requires nursing care or constant supervision can bring on the need for long-term care services.